I’m John Washington. I am first and foremost a resident and citizen of Scottsdale. I have lived in Arizona for 25 years. I have a degree in aerospace engineering, and I graduated from USAF pilot training at Williams AFB (now Gateway Airport), where I also worked in airspace management and aircrew training research.

After active duty I started a small business, and met and married a local lady. She and I are raising our 7-year-old daughter, who is a 5th generation Scottsdale native.

We very purposely chose to live in the Peaceful Valley neighborhood in Downtown Scottsdale, the first planned residential neighborhood built in Scottsdale. We love Scottsdale because of the sense of community; our wonderful neighbors; the low-density, low-scale, suburban character; and easy access to great city amenities.

I am running for mayor because I am committed to protecting, nurturing, and enhancing the qualities that make Scottsdale unique in all the world. These qualities afford us a reasonable cost of living along with great public services and public amenities. However, our community is facing very real economic and development challenges.

Effective city government must be open and responsive. Leaders and staff must respect the citizens by reaching out to them early, sincerely, and with full honesty. They must fully involve the citizens in major decisions affecting the community. They should welcome citizen concerns and input, rather than ridiculing them. The citizens are the ultimate customers of city leadership, and they are the ultimate “bosses,” as well.

I have fought for these principles for ten years as a volunteer public servant on a city task force and two city commissions, as the first chairman of the Coalition of Greater Scottsdale, and as an advocate for my neighbors and neighborhoods like ours across the city.

That’s why I’ve earned the endorsement of the COGS PC, and the Keep Scottsdale Special PC.

My goal is to restore respect, honesty, and trust to the partnership between Scottsdale’s citizens and their elected representatives. It is the only way we can pass on to our children a sustainable community where they can enjoy an ever-improving quality of life.

How can we do this? There is a Better Way [next page].

You can see more about me and my long history of involvement with Scottsdale city government and neighborhoods under my Track Record tab.

Contact me at Washington4Scottsdale@gmail.com or 480.229.1831

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