One Hand Klapping

by John Washington on October 23, 2016

Yesterday’s Scottsdale Republic (aka the Chamber of Commerce newsletter) contained an expensive right-of-centerfold campaign ad for city council wallflower candidate, Suzanne Klapp.

The belt line of the ad was an endorsement from “PFFA President” Brian Jeffries. What the heck is “PFFA”?

PFFA is the “Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona,” one of the organizations that incumbent mayor Jim “Waffles” Lane has railed against and mischaracterized as “labor unions,” during debates with his similarly-endorsed dominating challenger, Bob Littlefield. 

I find Klapp’s inclusion of this obscure (by Chamber of Commerce standards) endorsement amusing, made even more so by the almost completely opaque attribution. Obviously, Klapp has a shortage of endorsements, yet she is sensitive to the anti-labor union rhetoric that Lane has employed.

Connecting this dot to a couple of others tells me that Klapp is in trouble. This is partly because the Chamber power brokers decided to run yet another Chamber-type to try to unseat Guy Phillips, rather than focusing on positive campaigning to reelect stooges Klapp and Korte, who already had warm seats at city hall.

And a big part of Klapp’s trouble is if her own making. Having tried to straddle the fence between the developers and liquor magnates on one side and the residents on the other, has not won her many friends on either. 

Klapp would have been better off to just lie to the voters about who she is, like Virginia Korte. Ironically, lying seems to come more naturally for car salesman Korte than for frame shop owner Klapp. 


Parsing a Poll

by John Washington on October 21, 2016

The anonymous “Voice of Scottsdale,” aka “Voice of Korte,” this morning asserted that,

According to the latest polling from Public Opinion Strategies of Alexandria, Virginia, the four Council candidates are closely clustered. Virginia Korte and Dan Schweiker are tied. Phillips is right behind them. Suzanne Klapp is trailing the pack. The survey found 20% of voters are still undecided about which candidate they will support.

Korte goes on to courageously (anonymously) condemn the negative campaigning of the Chamber of Commerce affiliates who call themselves “Arizona Citizens United.” 

I’m glad to hear an erstwhile champion of civil dialog come out against dark money negativity and dishonesty, but it would be a lot more meaningful if done under Korte’s own name.

But the most interesting aspect of this article is the prognostication that incumbent Suzanne Klapp is DOA. Maybe Korte has written off Klapp as an unreliable ally.

Without knowing any more about the poll cited (sample size, questions asked, etc), who can say if it has any accuracy. I have a hard time believing that carpet-bagger Dan Schweiker is in a three-way tie with Korte and Phillips. 

Maybe this Voice of Scottsdale column is designed to send a message to Klapp to get with the program…


Shady Lane’s Legacy of Lies

October 17, 2016

I can’t remember who sent me this photo, and I have no idea where it was taken. But I’ve been saving it for an appropriate moment. Given the way the Lane4Mayor campaign has been circling the drain lately, I figured now is as good a time as any to share a photo of Mayor Swirly. […]

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Jim Lane’s Millionaire Fan Club

October 15, 2016

What a shocker, another multi-millionaire, professional sports team welfare recipient, and developer has endorsed the Mayor of Handout City. Jim Lane has championed millions of dollars in taxpayer-funded subsidies to the PGA, Phil Michelson, the NFL, and hundreds of thousands to his own campaign PR hack, Jason Rose, to promote Rose’s polo matches. I don’t […]

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Korte’s Doomsday

October 12, 2016

In her anonymous (courageous, huh?) blog, Virginia’s “Voice of Korte” predicts a 100% chance of the sky falling in Scottsdale upon the election of Bob Littlefield as mayor. For starters, “Mayor Littlefield” would stunt business growth, so sales tax, the lifeblood of the city’s budget, would plummet. Some city employees would then be laid off […]

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Parent of Dial to move jobs, legacy from Arizona

October 5, 2016

The German parent of an Arizona company that makes soaps and detergents plans to consolidate the unit’s operations in Connecticut, closing its operations in Scottsdale… Roughly 375 people work in the Scottsdale office of Henkel AG. But wait…didn’t Scottsdale’s embattled incumbent mayor Jim “Shady” Lane lead the charge for massive zoning subsidies for Henkel to build […]

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Scottsdale jail employees demoted, police commander suspended after investigation |

October 4, 2016

Scottsdale Police Chief Alan Rodbell seemed blindsided by the revelation that [former City of Mesa police lieutenant Rick] Van Galder [who had been convicted in Gilbert of super-extreme DUI and sentenced to three days in jail] was allowed out of his [Scottsdale] cell, had food delivered and his wife visit, and was even given a […]

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Roberts: Scottsdale mayor threatens to sue his own citizens

October 4, 2016

But there’s an easy fix to head off an ugly court battle:Simply fix the video so that it accurately reflects Lane’s DDC position. I’m thinking a giant waffle might be a suitable visual aid. Lane, meanwhile, suspects that the citizens’ group [] is mounting “scurrilous attacks” that misrepresent his DDC stand in order to help […]

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Roberts: Another Maricopa County election snafu

October 4, 2016

Maricopa County elections officials have done it again.This time, it’s thousands of Tempe voters, given directions to the place where they will vote next month.Only their vote won’t count if they go there. Did we need yet another reason to NOT vote for Republican Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell? Source: Roberts: Another Maricopa County election […]

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Department of Translation: “Divisive”

October 3, 2016

For those of you who haven’t heard of Dan Schweiker, he’s a recent carpetbagger from Paradise Valley running for Scottsdale City Council with a ‘nuggets of nothingness’ campaign (shades of Virginia Korte). Dan hopes you’ll vote for him because he’s a nice guy and because his name is very similar to another ‘tea’ guy, David […]

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