The [Valley metro light rail] system is also a reflection of the neighboring community.

So, in other words, if it sucks, it sucks because of the people it serves. Wow.

I’m sure it won’t surprise any ScottsdaleCitizen readers how I feel about light rail, but this is icing on the cake. Here’s some of my previous analysis and opinion:

Source: Valley Metro to add off-duty police officers to light rail secur – CBS 5 – KPHO


Millennial drivers are highway hazards, survey shows

by John Washington on February 15, 2017

And this is the demographic to which Scottsdale mayor Jim Lane and our city council are pandering when making permanent transportation and zoning decisions.


What does Scottsdale get for $150K Final Four funding?

February 15, 2017

[Scottsdale] City officials say the sponsorship will help fill local hotels and restaurants while bringing more national exposure to Scottsdale, a community known for its resorts, golf courses and major events such as the Waste Management Phoenix Open and Barrett-Jackson collector-car auction. Help fill local hotels? Since when does Scottsdale have a problem with empty […]

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Roberts: A $225 million subsidy for Coyotes? Really?

February 15, 2017

Moron of the Month, AZ State Senator Bob Worsley, Republican (supposedly) from Mesa. Take away the rainbows and roses and you are left with a project that commits $170 million in future state funds and $55 million in city funds to another hockey arena. This, in a state that can’t adequately fund its schools. “Fundamentally, […]

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Sky Bikes in China

February 10, 2017

World’s longest elevated bike path opens in southeast China | MNN – Mother Nature Network

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Scottsdale activist arrested at council meeting after free-speech showdown

February 9, 2017

California attorney David Snyder, executive director for the First Amendment Coalition, said a city can dictate the amount of time given to each public speaker but must keep subject-matter restrictions very narrow. “The idea that a citizen is not permitted to talk about election issues at a public forum runs counter to pretty basic First […]

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Scottsdale Citizen-Advocate Silenced and Arrested at City Council Meeting

February 8, 2017

It was reported to me last night that at the direction of Scottsdale mayor Jim Lane, fellow resident advocate Mark Stuart was cut off during remarks to the city council about the proposed multi-million dollar “Desert Discovery Center,” during the “public comment” period of last night’s council meeting. The live broadcast of the city council […]

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Civil Dialog Doesn’t Apply to Senility?

February 7, 2017

Scottsdale city council member Virginia Korte has really stepped in it this time. In her anonymous “Voice of Scottsdale” alternative facts blog she accuses the senior statesman of North Scottsdale, Howard Myers, of being senile. Wow. She’s angling for induction into the Jason Rose Hoof-In-Mouth Hall of Fame. You may recall one of Jason’s periodic […]

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The Paradox of Behavior Change

February 6, 2017

In the words of George Leonard, “Resistance is proportionate to the size and speed of the change, not to whether the change is a favorable or unfavorable one.”

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ASU President Michael Crow says business community needs to change education expectations – Phoenix Business Journal

January 25, 2017

“The fact that this state allows students to drop out of high school at the age of 16 is criminal, what we need is [more money for higher education]” Yep, that’s pretty much what he said. This shows how out-of-touch Michael Crow is with the world. Where has Crow been during the past many years’ […]

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