Scottsdale Police Still Classify Many Rapes as False or Baseless | Phoenix New Times

So typical of SPD administration, particularly Chief Rodbell, who never saw a statistic he couldn’t misuse. Many of these cases undoubtedly trace back to Scottsdale’s bar district, from where property owners and bar operators donate massively to the political campaigns of Mayor Jim Lane, and council members Suzanne Klapp, Virginia Korte, and Linda Milhaven. High […]

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General Plan Update: The Best Bad Idea We Have?

Our local “indy” newspaper printed a letter from Don Henninger a couple of days ago regarding the state of the local political climate, and Scottsdale’s aggravatingly-persistent General Plan Update. It reminded me of a scene from the Ben Affleck film, Argo, about the CIA rescue of the US Embassy hostages from Iran in 1981, under […]

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Scottsdale proposes 35 year/$35 mil lease of Papago complex from Phoenix, to keep Giants in the Valley (no cost to Phoenix) – Story | KSAZ

One of the most ridiculous proposals I’ve heard from a city full of ridiculousness. The proposed plan involves the City of Scottsdale leasing the complex for 35 years and spending $35 million along with the Giants to upgrade the facility, adding a parking lot and also improving hiking trails in the area.”The Giants will have […]

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