Someone recently dug out and emailed me one of Jim Lane’s 2008 campaign mailers. Here’s what it says:

Ten Reasons to Vote for Jim Lane:

  1. More openness at City Hall. Fewer secret meetings and behind-closed-door decision-making.
  2. Better protection of taxpayers’ money. No more Toll Brothers or Hualapai or other mistakes that have cost us so much money.
  3. Better regional leadership. Fight to get a better share of the Regional Transportation tax on which we now receive a pathetic 23 cents back for every dollar we pay.
  4. Honesty regarding the Mountain Preserve. We all want it finished but how are we going to pay as much as $2 billion for it?
  5. Common sense and affordable traffic solutions. Synchronized traffic lights, pull-out lanes for trolleys and buses, right turn lanes at busy intersections.
  6. Positive and fair business environment. Cut red tape and bureaucratic roadblocks to business owners, treat businesses large and small equally and fairly.
  7. Include residents in the decision-making process. Revitalize our Citizen Boards and Commissions, include everyone and exclude no one.
  8. Real long-term planning and leadership. Stop being completely reactive and start creating the future we all want.
  9. Stop waste and inefficiency in city government. Rigorous, regular and open reviews of all city programs, departments and top employees including the Mayor’s Office.
  10. Protect the Scottsdale brand. Open, honest government; widespread citizen involvement; fair business rules and practices; strong guardian of taxpayers’ hard-earned money; respect for every resident; unify competing interests for the benefit of everyone.

Vote for JIM LANE for Mayor on September 2 [2008].

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