Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

An AZCentral article this morning describes last week’s presentation of the Public Art master plan by the Scottsdale Cultural Council.

As you know, I am not fond of the Cultural Council’s no-bid, sole source, 20-year, $4 million/year contract that has no objective performance measures or deliverables. Here is my take on splitting off their Public Art “division” (from the article):

John Washington, a frequent critic of the Cultural Council, said the draft of the master plan failed to point out what the council gives to Public Art.

“I think we need to look at that before we make a decision that this organization can stand on its own,” he said.

The Cultural Council provides office space, administrative services and financial and accounting services to Public Art, [consultant Jerry] Allen said. But he said that Public Art pays $130,000 a year for those services.

I might add that Cultural Council chief executive officer and (supposedly) chief fundraiser has never raised $0.02 for Public Art. So, if PA needs to hire a bookkeeper and a couple of administrative assistants in order to survive without the brilliant leadership of the parent organization, go for it!

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