Petition Roundup

I am very gratified and humbled by all the volunteer support on getting petitions. There are people all over the city talking to their neighbors on behalf of OUR campaign, and the sheets are coming in a few every day.

We are getting very close to our minimum number. As soon as we surpass it we’ll be building a challenge-proof pad on top.

I’ve set next Friday, 25 May as “Petition Roundup Day.” Please call or email if you want to meet up with me Friday (I can come to you if needed), or please plan to put them in the mail on Thursday 24 May so I can have them no later than Friday afternoon.

That should give me enough time to do my final counts and verifications (though volunteer petitions are ALWAYS much better than otherwise) so I can submit the package.

If you don’t yet have blank petition forms, there’s still time! Even a handful of signatures will help, so don’t feel like you have to fill up a sheet (15 lines). Let me know ASAP and I’ll either get one in the mail to you or deliver it in person. As always, I can also meet with a group if you want to assemble some neighbors or friends for a chat.

Just let me know quickly!

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