At the City Council meeting on 22 May I delivered public comments relating to taxpayer subsidies being handed out by Mayor Lane and the City Council for the benefit of private companies involved in golf, cultural events, and polo. I support all three activities, and I believe they are good for Scottsdale. However, I do not support the notion of subsidizing them with taxpayer money.

Aside from the fact that such subsidies violate the “gift clause” of the Arizona Constitution as well as our city ordinances, there is a fundamental question of promoting a few favored private businesses (whether “for profit” or “not for profit”) and not promoting others.

Whatever promotion we undertake with tax dollars ought to benefit ALL of Scottsdale, not just certain favored businesses.

You can view the meeting video here: and my remarks are at 00:05:30 (pardon the glitch in the middle) and at 00:09:30.

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