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City Council Budget Discussion

Last night, 5 June 2012, the Scottsdale City Council considered several items that were of great interest to me. If you review the meeting video, you can see “public comment” from me at time index 0:16:00 on how the council and staff set and modify the meeting agendas, as well as the issue of city council members (in particular, the mayor) using their names and titles to promote the sale of city bonds.

I also made a comment on Consent Agenda Item 13 at 0:32:30 for taxpayer subsidies for “Lake Edge Improvements” at the Tournament Player’s Club (TPC/PGA) golf course.

Then on Item 17 at 0:36:30 I identified another taxpayer subsidy to a private business–the Scottsdale Cultural Council–for a new sound system that I think they should purchase themselves.

On Regular Agenda Item 22, at 1:52:00 I asked some serious questions about next year’s budget, and especially the “shot in the dark” (quoting Mayor Jim Lane) revenue estimates…in spite of which we anticipate an $8 million deficit!

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