An Echo of Good Planning

Yesterday’s Planning Commission meeting was yet another example of the dysfunction of the city planning process; and city boards and commissions.

First, efforts by the Scottsdale Airport Advisory Commission members and Airport staff to educate the Planning Commissioners appear to have fallen on deaf ears. They simply do not understand why land use decisions around the airport should be reviewed by the Airport Commission. You can watch the video of the meeting for yourself, and my remarks to the Planning Commission begin at about 0:18:30. You’ll also find the comments of the Planning Commissioners enlightening.

Second, listen to the comments of the residents adjacent to the Echo at Windgate project starting at about 1:36:00. You can skip John Berry’s droning and the useless staff report.

I’ll leave the conclusions to you, but I would also point out that two commissioners recused themselves from this discussion. That’s in accordance with the city’s rules about conflicts of interest, so it’s a good thing. However, it also somewhat points out the folly of professional requirements and general appointments for city boards and commissions.

As I’ve stated many times before, every city council member should have their own, direct appointment to every board and commission.

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