Horses and Westworld

I was asked today by someone who supports me and wanted to tell others about me,

How do you feel about the horse community in Scottsdale?

What are your thoughts about Westworld, the horse community and your future vision of the role that Westworld will play in that?

Be careful now, horse people can smell a BS’er a mile away!

I appreciate folks who have the ability to smell BS!

I would never claim to be an expert on anything, especially horses and/or the equestrian community and lifestyle. Having said that, however, I did a tiny bit of riding as a kid, much less as an adult who’s knees don’t like to bend that way anymore. I was also proud to call Councilman Tony Nelssen a friend, and I was the treasurer of his reelection campaign prior to his untimely death.

I am very keen on the importance of horses to our brand and our economy. I supported the TNEC expansion when Lane, Milhaven, etc., opposed it. Even though I’m also very much a “car guy,” I opposed the hijacking of the new facility design by the Barrett-Jackson folks when the city council members suddenly reversed themselves in a rush to erode the primary purpose of the facility.

I know there was some support from some parts of the equestrian community for the expansion of the scope of the project, but I have great concern about the highly speculative financial projections used in part to justify the larger scope. My concerns on that subject are a matter of public record, via video recording of the city council meeting at which the expansion was approved.

In short, horses are a vital part of Scottsdale’s character. I believe they are integral to analytical discussions about fiscal responsibility and economic sustainability.

And I welcome ANY opportunity to learn from our citizens. No one can know everything, so it is vital for me to make those contacts. I appreciate your assistance in that regard.

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