Sign of the Times

Thanks to the wonderful citizen advocate volunteers of the Coalition of Greater Scottsdale Political Committee, I not only have their very important endorsement but they’ve also been putting out campaign signs advertising their endorsements!

Contact COGS PC directly if you want one, as they are an independent political committee. COGS PC is an independent expenditure/endorsement group. I can’t legally coordinate with them, but you can request a sign through them via, call 480-294-2637, or by stopping by the Best Western Sundial on Camelback.

I’ve gotten a lot of good feedback from folks who’ve seen the signs amidst all the sign clutter, for which we owe the State Legislature a huge razzie for trumping Scottsdale’s sign ordinance. I promise I’ll work to push back on this as soon as I’m sworn in.

Meanwhile, “Here’s Your Sign!”



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