Two for the Price of One

Politics and the art of spin can be fascinating…if you can step back from the fact that the future of our community is at stake.

Case in point. One of my opponents has a personal history of engagement with city government goes back all the way to filing to run for office a few months ago. Subsequently, much of that engagement consists of criticizing me for spending ten years trying to protect and enhance the very reasons he and his family moved to Scottsdale.

Conversely, apparently NOT being involved is the best qualification for running for an office as an elected leader?

Indeed, his campaign is largely built upon my platform because he didn’t really have one of his own, other than he got mad because there was no opposition to the incumbent mayor. Now THERE’S a noble reason to run for office!

I’m amused and at the same time astonished that he and his campaign team actually think that attacking me for a decade of advocacy and volunteer public service is going to gain them any votes; especially since the votes they are courting are the very folks I have worked for and with in trying to protect our quality of life.

The most humorous thing, however, is that self-contradictory themes run through his campaign. Here’s one that I’ll post without further commentary, just for your amusement.

Kathy Bernhardt via Twitter 7/25/2012
Kathy Bernhardt via Facebook 6/29/2012


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