Preserving the Preserve

There was a good article in the Republic this week about the McDowell Sonoran Preserve. You probably read my much more extensive article on this website about it, but the Republic actually added some good details.

As you know, I’m concerned about hunting, safety, and about proper game management in the Preserve.

I’m also concerned about funding to complete our planned acquisitions, and the amount of money that will be required to complete the Desert Discovery Center if we go ahead with the Disneyland version (which I oppose).

City staff is working on an updated plan for land acquisition. I also hope we can institute a moratorium on hunting until we’ve had a chance to complete the proper baseline populations studies of game there, AND have a community conversation about whether hunting is in keeping with the spirit and stated goals of the Preserve.

Preserve advocate Michael Mayer sent this message today:

One thing is clear, fighting for her life is in the DNA of the Preserve.

Herb [Drinkwater] knew he had to fight the richest guy in Arizona: Kemper Marley.  Not a job for a lightweight.  The Corrigans and Marley had the entire mountain range subdivided with planned roads and home sites…I saw their 30-year old map which is kept in the original glass framed case.

Herb…delayed the development long enough until he had enough taxpayer support to buy it.

I am fighting for it because I had to…no one else had the will to do it.

You keep hitting Lane over his lack of action against hunting and over-development inside the Preserve.

I told [Chamber of Commerce CEO Rick] Kidder [we need] to put up NO HUNTING signs everywhere in the Preserve immediately…not these vague signs that are clearly meant to evade and deceive the public.

Let Game and Fish sue Scottsdale.  Herb did it 35 years ago.   Herb is showing us the way still.

Absolutely right, Michael.

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