Resident Friendly

Isn’t it funny how every Scottsdale candidate says they are “resident friendly” in their campaign mailers?

But what does it mean to to be “resident friendly?”

To me, it means engaging with city government on behalf of your neighbors when there’s NOT an election in the near future.

It means having a track record that extends beyond the filing date of your campaign organizational statement.

I have been advocating for public safety, quality of life, better city planning, and fiscal responsibility for more than a decade. There are other city candidates who also have track records of fighting for you on these issues.

A frequent question from my supporters that goes right to this point is, “Among the candidates for Council, who can you work with?”

Fair question. I can work with anyone who is willing to work with me, especially if they do their homework and really understand the issues.

Beyond that, though, there are some with whom I have ALREADY worked.

Chris Schaffner has fought for his neighbors and for neighborhoods like his and yours for years.

Guy Phillips has, too. He’s been there when neighbors have called, and he’s petitioned the City Council for better decisions.

Joanne “Copper” Phillips (no relation to Guy) has been involved twice as long as I have…20 years!

Keep that in mind as you consider your vote on Tuesday. You are voting your trust to these candidates for the leadership of your city for the next four years.

We have challenges ahead and they’ll be difficult enough even for folks who have been involved. We can’t afford to vote based solely on campaign-season postcard rhetoric. We don’t want to have to figure out whether they’ll support us; we need to KNOW it.


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