“The Campaign”

Thanks to everyone who attended our meet-and-greet tonight.

Have you seen “The Campaign“?

As you may know, I’m living it.

A few of my committee volunteers took me to this movie when it first opened. No need for a spoiler alert, but I will tell you that the baby-punching scene provided some much-needed laughter for us all. This is one funny movie. We all enjoyed it.

Melissa, Me, and Michelle at Tanzy

And as a result, the kind and generous folks at Tanzy and iPic at the Scottsdale Quarter sponsored a “John Washington for Mayor event this evening.

Those who decided to stay for a show (I recommend “The Campaign,” for obvious reasons), were impressed with their amazing facility. It’s definitely not your grandfather’s movie theater…

I’m still attempting to meet every interested Scottsdale resident before our Primary Election this Tuesday August 28. I’d love any opportunity to chat with you and/or your friends to answer any questions may have for your potential Mayor!

Please help spread the word, and please vote for John Washington for Scottsdale Mayor!

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