Are you a Republican or a Democrat

In keeping with my previous articles, here’s a day-before-Election Day question from a citizen:

Are you a Republican or Democrat???

Fair enough question, I suppose. I am a Republican, and I have been since I first registered to vote.

It’s somewhat amusing how many people have asked this question completely devoid of any context about Scottsdale issues. If they’d been paying attention prior to the election, they’d know exactly where I stand on every one of them. I’ve written and published over 250 articles on, and I speak at virtually every city council meeting.

However, to those for whom party affiliation is a shibboleth, I have some additional insights relative to this question:

  1. All three Scottsdale mayoral candidates are Republicans. Your real choices are a) Crony Capitalist, b) Tea Party newcomer, and c) Me.
  2. All the current city council members (obviously including the incumbent mayor) are Republicans. That means that all the bad things that happen in Scottsdale are the fault of…you guessed it: Republicans.
  3. Our city campaigns are non-partisan by our City Charter (our constitution) and rightly so. Many of our local issues involve developers vs citizens, which is not exactly a partisan dynamic.

I have also noted the mayor and council (all Republicans) have no problem with (for example) taxpayer subsidies to private businesses, opposite of traditional Republican principles.

So, don’t vote for me because I’m a Republican. Don’t vote against me because I’m not a Democrat.

Vote for me because I have a ten-year track record of volunteer public service,

  1. Defending our Scottsdale quality of life (as described in our General Plan) through;
  2. Fighting for better stewardship of our tax dollars and public assets; and
  3. Advocating for real innovation in city governance and efficiently providing public services.

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