Man suing over wildlife noise – ABC15 Arizona

Seth Gortler moved in next to the Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center in north Scottsdale near the McDowell Mountain Regional Park. Now he’s suing the director and the center over the noise of the animals which he says is just too loud.

Linda Searles opened the center 22 years ago. “It’s my life’s work,” she says and admits the coyotes and wolves do howl…

According to Gortler’s attorney, he didn’t know how bad it was going to be before he moved in a few years ago.

A lot of what’s wrong with Scottsdale is folks moving here and wanting to change it. This is a prime example.

Source: Man suing Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center in north Scottsdale over noise – ABC15 Arizona

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  1. This guy should move, he knew this facility was there BEFORE he bought his property. This guy needs to move, for EVERYONE’S sake. We all know people like this, he’s a bad guy who wants everyone to live in HIS world, get him out.

  2. Mr Gortler was educated at U of A, Columbia, and Yale. He’s a smart man so there is no way he didn’t understand nor have the means to make other decisions BEFORE buying close to the conservation center. What’s your alterior motive Mr Gortler? There’s a lot of land in Rio Verde and the prices are reasonable….seems like he’d just move a little further away and still enjoy the beauty of Rio Verde.

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