A Possible Scary Future for Downtown – Light Rail

Bob Pejman sent this email earlier today.

The Old Town Merchants Association is passing around a petition for signatures to stop the inclusion of “Light Rail” in the [Scottsdale] Transportation Master Plan that will get voted on by Council in a few months. The attached flyer is also being passed around by Old Town Merchants.

In my opinion as well as many others, the primary driver for the Light Rail is to provide a route for the 50,000+ ASU students into Downtown Scottsdale bars and well as Fashion Square (despite what it’s proponents will tell you). Here is a quote from the article in the link below:  “The Scottsdale line would also link ASU’s 51,000 students at its Tempe campus to Old Town’s bars and restaurants.”


So, after the multi year road construction has put most of us out of business, even if you survive the construction, the new crowd that the Light Rail will bring in, won’t buy from us…and worse…they will forever discourage our older and more affluent buyers from visiting the shops and galleries, since they will not want to be in the middle of “Eternal Spring Break.” Downtown Scottsdale will be changed forever.

Please pass this information on to as many affected parties as possible so that we can stop the Light Rail from coming into Scottsdale.

Click for Old Town Merchants Association light rail flyer.

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