Prop 123 – It’s not sustainable and it’s not a solution | Arizona Capitol Times

This is one of the best summations I’ve seen so far of why we should vote against Doug Ducey’s ongoing robbery of Arizona public education, in the form of “Proposition 123.” A big ‘thank you’ to Phoenix attorney Dianne Post.

While many good-hearted people have encouraged supporting Prop. 123 because they claim it is a good start and injects badly needed money immediately into the classroom, unfortunately, they are wrong. First, there will be a lawsuit regarding whether or not the Enabling Act [of 1910, Public Law 61-2-219] requires Congressional approval to implement the Proposition. During the lawsuit, which could take several years, no monies will be sent to classrooms…

Even if the Legislature paid everything ordered and agreed to, it will not change Arizona’s ranking on education…

The language of the proposition makes it clear that the Legislature will not pay even the amount outlined in the proposition. The proposition has many “triggers” that allow the Legislature to reduce or even stop the distributions from the land trust…

[Companion] bills would make it easier to repeal voters’ intent and put several hurdles in the way of passing a voter initiative.  By refusing to fund the mandatory 2% inflation increase (which was a voter-passed initiative) and not funding the base level, the Legislature re-directed (stole) the money specifically earmarked for education by the voters and used it for tax breaks to corporations. They got caught and sued. Now they want to make sure that doesn’t happen again by changing the Constitution to reduce voter power.

Source: Prop 123 – It’s not sustainable and it’s not a solution | Arizona Capitol Times

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