State’s corporate tax cuts not proving to be economic stimulus

Ducey…members of the state’s Finance Advisory Committee figure that cuts in the tax rate approved in 2011, coupled with a provision that allows some multi-state corporations to choose an alternate method of computing what they owe, means actual collections that year will be less than $300 million.

The tax cuts were promoted [by governor Doug Ducey] as an incentive to get corporations and their high-paying jobs to move to Arizona.

Source: State’s corporate tax cuts not proving to be economic stimulus

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  1. Hi John,
    This article is misleading. Tax revenues have gone down despite the tax cuts. It’s not a direct result of tax cuts. There are way too many factors that determine how much revenue is actually generated in tax money besides tax cuts. Tax cuts will always stimulate an economy, the question is how much and what are the other multitude of factors that get in the way of a growing economy.

    1. I didn’t write the article, so I can’t defend the specifics. However, “Tax cuts will always stimulate the economy,” is a pretty dubious statement in itself. In most cases, tax cuts bring higher debt. So, they may stimulate economic “activity,” but in terms of truly making our economic situation better, not so much.

      Nevertheless, thanks for your comment, and thanks for reading!

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