My Turn: I’m the Scottsdale mayoral candidate between 2 extremes

Bill Crawford explains why he’s running for Scottsdale mayor against incumbent Jim Lane and challenger Bob Littlefield

Crawford’s spin doesn’t hold up if you have observed the mayor and council at work. Most of the items coming before them seeking approval involve corporate welfare, either in the form of taxpayer-funded cash subsidies; or zoning subsidies in the form of eroding the high development standards that have historically set Scottsdale apart from neighboring communities…and which have protected our quality of life.
In both those cases, “no” is almost always the best answer.
However, Mr. Crawford would like to have his cake (err…waffles) and eat it, too, by straddling the fence and trying to make you believe he’s a compromiser. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want my quality of life compromised…and waffles are for breakfast, not for politics.

Source: My Turn: I’m the Scottsdale mayoral candidate between 2 extremes

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  1. An astute ScottsdaleCitizen reader emailed me about sixty seconds after I posted this [thanks for paying attention!]:

    “You might point out Crawford has NEVER testified before Council against any bad development and has on at least one occasion (BlueSky) testified before Council in support of bad development.”

    In case you don’t follow such things, Blue Sky is the big dirt lot across Scottsdale Road from Fashion Square Mall. Greedy developer overreach fueled by enabling “yes” support from a dysfunctional Mayor Jim Lane and his Council cronies resulted in this project being mired in financial woes. Now it serves mostly to contribute to poor air quality (get it, “Blue Sky”?) via blowing dust.

    Thanks for the waffles, Bill Crawford!

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