Lane’s campaign PR manager attacks Littlefield…anonymously

Jason RoseIsn’t it ironic…that a political campaign public relations manager has to resort to anonymous attacks on his boss’s opponents. Doubly so, when he lectures on “integrity.”

Yet here we have it, in the un-attributed, so-called “Arizona Progress and Gazette,” a fiction created by none other than crazy-hair Jason Rose, development huckster, polo purveyor, rugby rascal (who gets paid handsomely for all that, many times with hundreds of thousands of YOUR tax dollars courtesy of your mayor/his client).

Rose’s pedantic panting also includes a disparagement that Littlefield is floating a rumor that Lane will likely give up the middle seat two years into his next term (if he’s elected) and head on down to Ducey-land in a quest to be elected state treasurer.

Funny, that’s the first I’ve heard of this, and I’m usually pretty in-tune with these things. However,

  1. It’s no secret that this is exactly the path Lane intended to follow in 2014. However, an embarrassingly close reelection fight against two underfunded opponents with almost no name recognition forced Lane to dump over a hundred thousand dollars (almost his entire war chest) into the primary election. This left him with not enough scratch to even consider the state campaign, and little credibility as a viable candidate at the next level where you can’t skip half the debates.
  2. Lane actually made a big deal of announcing in 2014 that he would NOT abandon his post two years into his second term to seek that the state treasurer job. So clearly that’s exactly what he INTENDED to do, had he not flubbed his mayoral reelection.
  3. Current treasurer Jeff DeWit has said he won’t seek reelection because of the back alley bashing he’s gotten from Ducey minions over not supporting Proposition 123. So, Lane wouldn’t have to face an incumbent, like he did against Mary Manross in what would be her final campaign. Lane won that election by less than 1/2 of 1% of the vote, in a race that took many days after the election to count because it was so close.
  4. Lane is the treasurer for Ducey’s little pet proposition, so clearly he hopes to have a firmer grasp on Ducey’s coattails this time around.

So, I think Rose is simply afraid of the collective memory of the voters and their ability to connect some closely-aligned dots. If anyone is starting a rumor, it’s Jason.

I’ll take a moment to point out that Jason has also done PR work for the campaigns of JD Hayworth and Andy Thomas, and publicly acknowledged that he would have done so for a Joe Arpaio gubernatorial campaign had one gotten off the ground a few years ago. Quite a list of candidates of integrity in which Jim Lane is included!

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  1. And I forgot…

    Jason criticizes Littlefield as operating from a sense of entitlement. Gee, yet another layer of irony, given how Jason’s polo and rugby matches have received hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer-funded subsidies with no rational justification.

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