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“Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star Sas was shot in the back of the head Sunday … but shockingly he’s ok.

We’re told Sas was hosting a party at a Scottsdale, AZ mansion, but cops came and broke it up because there were too many people.

How much would you bet the “mansion” was rented via AirBnB? Thanks to our brilliant Governor Ducey and the state legislature for pre-empting Scottsdale’s local ordinance prohibiting transient rentals in residential neighborhoods… and to Mayor Jim Lane and the Scottsdale city council majority for not standing up for us.

Source: ‘Love & Hip Hop ATL’ Star — Shot in Head | TMZ.com

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  1. If this party was disruptive, then the police could and should break it up, correct? From what I understand, the local ordinance seemed to be an infringement on my freedom to do with my property as I see fit correct? If that is the case then I appreciate that the city council was able to pre-empt this ordinance and I would see this as the council definitely standing up for us.

  2. The local ordinance is part of the zoning code, which says, in essence that in exchange for living in the city and having public services available to you, you CANNOT do “whatever you want with your property,” especially a) infringing on the rights of your neighbors to peaceful enjoyment of THEIR property, and b) unfairly competing with hoteliers who invested a lot more than you do, and pay far greater taxes than you do.

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