Jim Lane: Tales as Tall as the McDowell Mountains | Scottsdale Independent

“…outsized political egos who would rather exploit the Preserve for political gain than truly work to protect it.”

Wow, Talk about psychological projection. The only thing bigger than Jim Lane’s lies, and his head, is his mouth.
Fortunately because of all the attention this issue has gotten, the public record is abundantly clear in this matter. Lane blatantly opposed a public vote on the Desert Discovery Center before he supported it. And he voted for millions of dollars in “design services,” etc., for which he has already signed the taxpayer checks.
Did Lane have a crisis of conscience that made him change his mind? Nope, all it took was some Jason Rose polling to see how bad the DDC was dragging down Lane’s ratings.

Source: Jim Lane: Put the Scottsdale Desert Discovery Center in the hands of the public | Scottsdale Independent

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  1. Even Lane cannot ‘assume’ that voters in Scottsdale will welcome his overtures to special interests.
    Unfortunately, much inertia among voters in our fair city.
    Where I live in Far North Scottsdale (Desert Mountain, Mirabel, Troon etc.) residents believe that elected officials
    are always on the make and it does not matter. I have a strong push on for Littlefield, and believe voters are responding to this.

  2. lane and korte have repeatedly attempted to pander to developers and big money. i would be thrilled to see both of them out!

    1. ‘caroline…’ also, add Klapp and Milhaven to those who would not be missed by anyone other than the Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce, and special interests.

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