Scottsdale Desert Discovery Center critics remain steadfast in fight for public vote

milhaven200x250From social media this morning:

[Scottsdale City] Councilwoman [Linda] Milhaven says if Scottsdale City Council were to have entertained the citizen petition [to require ballot approval on the $100 million Desert Discovery Center] there could be unintended consequences nobody wants.

“For us to set guidelines for citizen votes for all of those kinds of things, housekeeping items, there are lot of unintended consequences that could stop us from doing some really basic things,” she said.

Classic arrogance, typical for a Wells Fargo banker:

$100 million is a “housekeeping item.” FYI, the entire City of Scottsdale budget is about $250 million.

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  1. Beyond the typical hubris practiced by this tone-deaf, unless you are connected, an influence peddler or come ’round with a bag of large green. I would think her possible role in the Wells Fargo scandal would pre-empt another debacle.
    There are many who believe our already escalating taxes cannot support a project like this. Further, it is dramatically opposite over what was supposed to be done, or not done with this area.
    Time to vote out Lane, Korte, Klapp, Milhaven and keep whatever remains of the Scottsdale lifestyle.

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