Parent of Dial to move jobs, legacy from Arizona

The German parent of an Arizona company that makes soaps and detergents plans to consolidate the unit’s operations in Connecticut, closing its operations in Scottsdale…

Roughly 375 people work in the Scottsdale office of Henkel AG.

But wait…didn’t Scottsdale’s embattled incumbent mayor Jim “Shady” Lane lead the charge for massive zoning subsidies for Henkel to build it’s ugly-ass building and ‘keep Henkel in Scottsdale?’ In fact, I think Lane bragged about it quite a lot!

Source: Parent of Dial to move jobs, legacy from Arizona

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  1. The unstated reason may well be the state of our State.
    We reflect discrimination and prejudice on every level, in many different ways. Denial of Women’s Rights, those of the LGBTQ Communities, immigrants and minorities. Scottsdale Leaders refusal to pass an ordinance that guarantees full rights for our diverse population spells it out.
    Really think Henkel doesn’t know this?

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