Parsing a Poll

The anonymous “Voice of Scottsdale,” aka “Voice of Korte,” this morning asserted that,

According to the latest polling from Public Opinion Strategies of Alexandria, Virginia, the four Council candidates are closely clustered. Virginia Korte and Dan Schweiker are tied. Phillips is right behind them. Suzanne Klapp is trailing the pack. The survey found 20% of voters are still undecided about which candidate they will support.

Korte goes on to courageously (anonymously) condemn the negative campaigning of the Chamber of Commerce affiliates who call themselves “Arizona Citizens United.” 

I’m glad to hear an erstwhile champion of civil dialog come out against dark money negativity and dishonesty, but it would be a lot more meaningful if done under Korte’s own name.

But the most interesting aspect of this article is the prognostication that incumbent Suzanne Klapp is DOA. Maybe Korte has written off Klapp as an unreliable ally.

Without knowing any more about the poll cited (sample size, questions asked, etc), who can say if it has any accuracy. I have a hard time believing that carpet-bagger Dan Schweiker is in a three-way tie with Korte and Phillips. 

Maybe this Voice of Scottsdale column is designed to send a message to Klapp to get with the program…

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