What does a million bucks buy in Scottsdale?

For the first time, the campaigns for mayor and city council in Scottsdale will receive and spend an aggregate million dollars in 2016. That’s an astonishing number considering there are only four open seats, and in a city of slightly more than 200,000 population. 

That’s nearly $5 for every resident of Scottsdale.

Worse, 94% will be spent on pro-height, pro-density, pro-debt candidates with long histories of voting for massive taxpayer subsidies to private businesses like the PGA, the NFL, Barrett-Jackson, the Scottsdale Cultural Council, Fashion Square Mall, and polo parties promoted by the mayor’s campaign PR manager, Jason Rose.

Here’s a campaign contribution breakdown by mayoral challenger (and three-term, taxpayer-defender city councilman) Bob Littlefield:


If you wonder why those of us trying to protect Scottsdale’s special character and high quality of life have a hard time winning elections, just take a look at this list of how much each candidate received in campaign contributions as of 10/27 (the last filing deadline):

Lane, $391,520.71

Klapp, $217,025.52

Korte, $183,692.10

Schweiker, $72,231.75

Littlefield, $65,427.50

Phillips, $47,463.41
Plus, the National Association of Realtors Fund is spending $71,920.42 in support of Lane, Klapp, Korte, and Schweiker. And dark money group Scottsdale Strong is spending $6,446 in support of Klapp and $5,519 in opposition to Phillips.

Bottom line: special interests $948,337.50, resident-friendly candidates $112,890.91.

Bob’s breakdown is from the pre-election reports filed last week. There’s sure to be more, tactically reported AFTER the election.

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  1. It is always best to remember that these outsized ‘contributions’ to Lane, Klapp, Korte are for payment in kind and a ‘reminder’ that the same, and more will be expected
    were the incumbents to prevail.

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