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Wells Fargo Scottsdale

An article in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal [which may be pay-walled] came to my attention courtesy of an astute ScottsdaleCitizen.

The push to drive new product and account openings came from top executives in the Arizona region, the employee letter said. Lead Regional President Pam Conboy, now two executive levels below Ms. Mack, spearheaded some of these programs, the letter said.


Pam Conboy from 2013 Big Media article by Michael Gossie

I highlight this paragraph because Pam Conboy is listed on the Scottsdale Wells Fargo division’s web page on the Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce website alongside Linda Milhaven, as well as Jennifer Anderson, and Jacqueline Griffith. Milhaven is also a member of the Scottsdale City Council.


Linda Milhaven

Milhaven was part of the carry-over team from the disastrous 1998 Wells Fargo acquisition of  Norwest Bank. She was at that time credited as being given the job of “president” of Wells Fargo in Scottsdale.

In addition to wondering about Milhaven’s role in the recently discovered and pervasive Wells Fargo fraudulent schemes perpetrated upon their customers, I also wonder about Milhaven’s involvement in other organizations in town.

One being Milhaven’s position on the board of STARS, where Virginia Korte (incumbent city council member) is president emeritus.

I also wonder if the taxpayers of Scottsdale have gotten the best possible deal via municipal bonds that Wells Fargo has issued on our behalf to facilitate borrowing of money for various public projects, some of which I believe should have been funded out of General Fund revenues.

Milhaven has another two years left on her city council term. But Korte is up for reelection today!

Source: How Wells Fargo’s Problems Flourished in Arizona – WSJ

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