Glendale’s Pro Sports Bill May Hit $21 Million This Year | KJZZ


“I don’t know to say if it’s an equal value,” [Glendale city manager Kevin] Phelps said. “But I think it certainly presents a compelling case to be in that market.”

If you don’t KNOW that you are getting your money’s worth, then there is nothing “compelling” about such a case.

This uncharacteristically disjointed article by Matthew Casey starts out with the statement:

Officials say they’re working hard to increase the public’s benefit for having professional sports. But past leaders have saddled the city council and staff with the costs of being Arizona’s only place to host Major League Baseball, the National Football League and the National Hockey League.

But given the Phelps quote, I’m pretty sure the bottom line is going to be a lot different than the opening paragraph might otherwise suggest.

Following former Scottsdale city manager Dick Bowers’ interim service at Glendale has clearly contaminated Phelps’s thinking with the kleptocratic notions that have infected Scottsdale’s “economic vitality professionals,” as well as our elected officials.

Source: Glendale’s Pro Sports Bill May Hit $21 Million This Year | KJZZ

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  1. “We don’t know…” blah, blah, seems to be working well for former Scottsdale mayor Sam Campana in promoting her Desert Discovery Center boondoggle. So, I guess it’s fair game for Glendale, too.

    1. John/Subscribers: Isn’t Sam Campana, the Former Mayor, and intellectually challenged individual who famously called 911 to get driving directions?
      Are they REALLY trotting her out as an asset to their cause?

  2. It’s only a matter of time until some sports mogul tries to dip his hands into Scottsdale’s abundant tax base to build a taxpayer-subsidized stadium or arena. Those guys didn’t give thousands of $ to Lane’s campaign without expecting something in return!

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