Does Scottsdale’s entertainment district cost more than it’s worth? – 3TV

[Scottsdale city councilman David] Smith said the imbalance between tax revenue and public safety expenses [related to Scottsdale’s bar district] amounts to a subsidy from taxpayers – one he believes Scottsdale residents shouldn’t be paying.

Yeah, $3 million in public safety costs vs $1 million in tax revenue. This is Scottsdale mayor Jim Lane’s “struggling with success.”

Source: Does Scottsdale’s entertainment district cost more than it’s wor – 3TV | Phoenix Breaking News, Weather, Sport

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  1. I bet it costs more than what you mentioned. Are you including various costs- court costs if the officers are going to court on their days off or if they are working nights, the cost of the investigators if they are called for various felonies, the cost of DNA tests of a sexual assault victim, if the victim has no insurance, the cost of all the sexual assaults tests. The time consumed if the DNA has to be run in CODIS- could go on and on.

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