Big Sale at the AZ Legislature

The irony of Mary Jo Pitzel’s column was not lost on Jennifer McDowell.

Jennifer says,

Your daily news brief includes this gem for you last minute holiday shoppers. As columnist Mary Jo Pitzl writes, “There are a few things you can get only at the state capitol. Like a tax break for your special interest or a ban on banning plastic bags.” You can also let your freak flag fly by proudly proclaiming your affinity for the state with a purchase of Arizona flag cufflinks. This week, the shop will be selling alcohol. If they weren’t selling alcohol before, one wonders what our legislators have been on…

You can even bid on a few legislators, but if you have to ask “How much?” then you can’t afford them:)

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1 Comment

  1. Kudos, to Ms. Pitzl for, at the least, accurately assessing the tenor of our Elected Officials, but never selective officials.
    It is amazing, not amusing to those so affected, that these losers can rile, and legislate against the populace, with shout outs to women, and LGBTQ Communities.
    Never wonder why the world visits, but takes business investment elsewhere.

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