Infrastructure needs, prospect of DDC vote top list of priorities for Scottsdale elected officials

“The clear, transparent and accountable path to the funding of the capitalization and recapitalization of the city’s capital infrastructure projects with voter-approved general obligation bonds,” would be [Scottsdale mayor Jim Lane’s] top priority he said during an interview Dec. 20.

Well, if we are being “clear, transparent and accountable”…

During Lane’s term on council and two terms as mayor, he’s presided over the accumulation of over $1 BILLION in debt, massive taxpayer subsidies to the PGA, Phil Mickelson, the Super Bowl host committee, countless no-bid contracts, and a billion dollars’ worth of accumulated infrastructure neglect. How does Lane think the maintenance deficit happened?

Now he proposes to solve that by borrowing more money? He obviously thinks the taxpayers are so stupid that they don’t understand that “bond” equals “borrowing.”

I’d like to think that a leader’s first priority is cutting out wasteful spending, and delivering high quality public services with greatest efficiency.

But since Lane has been bought and paid for by the liquor industry, developers, and various other political entrepreneurs, that will never happen.

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