Massive crime wave affecting one state legislator merits a whole new law

Just so everyone’s clear, if you voted your straight [Republican] party ticket and you live in Scottsdale, you voted for John Kavanagh. Because our state, presumably, doesn’t have some more pressing needs and all we hear about is a rash of flag theft.

I would also like to point out that this man, who doesn’t believe in public schools or government assistance of any kind has held ONLY government jobs himself and collects not one but TWO government pensions. Hypocrisy, thy name is John Kavanagh. Jennifer McDowell.


Source: (1) Facebook

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  1. A couple of pertinent comments that were posted on Facebook in response to this statement:

    1. Brion Neely said, “Kavanagh is always looking for solutions to problems that don’t exist.”

    2. Edmond Richard added,

    “Now ScottsdaleCitizen the flag theft is one thing, but now Kavanagh wants to prevent you from asking about it. I mean a public records request is a dangerous thing.

    “SB 1019 – Introduced by Senator Kavanagh

    Good point. Kavanagh is quick to defend HIS flag (the one in his own yard) but not what it represents.

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