2017’s Best & Worst States to Raise a Family | WalletHub®

Arizona was below average in a bevy of indicators, according to WalletHub, including child care costs (33rd), infant mortality rate (29th), violent crime rate (34th) and unemployment rate (42nd).

Reporting in the Phoenix Biz Journal, Tim Gallen failed to note Arizona’s worst ranking category: “Education and Child Care.”

We’re #48 for that category, in case you are wondering.

Here’s a link to the original WalletHub article, which is also linked through Gallen’s report.

Source: 2017’s Best & Worst States to Raise a Family | WalletHub®

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  1. 2 Trends missed by the ranking organizations.

    Scottsdale’s schools are on the mend. Great leadership making bold moves to restore excellence in public education.

    Scottsdale’s famous open skies and love of nature is on a destruction path. Every square inch of buildable land (and some that is not supposed to be built upon) getting crammed with cubed out high density housing.

    1. In fairness to AZ, we did rank 31st in “Family Fun.” But, like you, I place more value on nature rather than amusement rides. And the trend is going solidly against nature, at least in Scottsdale with our density-crazed mayor and city council, who want to build a theme park in the heart of the largest municipal nature preserve in the nation.

      With regard to education, I’ll withhold judgment. One positive school board meeting in one district, does not a trend make. The state lej and the guv are solidly against public education, in deference to private businesses that label themselves as “public charter schools.” We are a long way from reversing that attitude.

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