Valley Metro to add off-duty police officers to light rail security – CBS 5 – KPHO-

The [Valley metro light rail] system is also a reflection of the neighboring community.

So, in other words, if it sucks, it sucks because of the people it serves. Wow.

I’m sure it won’t surprise any ScottsdaleCitizen readers how I feel about light rail, but this is icing on the cake. Here’s some of my previous analysis and opinion:

Source: Valley Metro to add off-duty police officers to light rail secur – CBS 5 – KPHO

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  1. Look at Bloomington , Minnesota when they built the light rail out to the mall of America. Had to increase their police department by 50%. All you have to do get a map of all the cities with light rail, subways or whatever you call them. Then look at a crime map. All around the major stops.

  2. Light rail proponents fall victim to their own illogical vision of a utopiate world where cars disappear and the masses gleefully ride rails in a community bonding event. They ignore the century long historical proof that the nastiest part of our society will dominate ridership and a significantly larger group wil do anything to avoid the nastiness.

    The visionaries in modern transportation see autonomic cars and vans with 6 to 10 riders and a rapidly increasing percentage of shared ridership or shared pools of autonoic vehicles replacing cars and buses.

    1. And it’s important to recognize that those illogical visions are stokes by the profiteering motives of developers and rail construction contractors.

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