Ducey, Lane, Uber, Theranos, Zenefits: Winners and Losers.

In addition to supporting Governor Ducey’s efforts in these matters, Scottsdale mayor Jim Lane claimed credit for landing Theranos at the taxpayer-subsidized office building also known as SkySong. Lane also crowed loudly about getting a Zenefits division In Scottsdale, but didn’t utter a peep when they closed shop and moved on after a fraud investigation.

The most recent Ducey-Lane erosion of Scottsdale taxpayers’ quality of life which is not mentioned herein is state preemption of Scottsdale’s prohibition of nightly rentals of single family homes, courtesy of online rental agent AirBnB and others.


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  1. When he first ran for City Council in 2004 Lane claimed to be a conservative opposed to government meddling in private businesses. Since then he has been busily involved in the same “economic development” scams he used to decry. Hypocrite and failure, only $400K of special-interest campaign contributions keeps him in office.

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