Nutts of Arizona

From a recent post by Jennifer McDowell:

So, just so we’re clear. Rep Becky Nutt will be voting “Yes” to ban photo radar because she was just nabbed speeding. “She said she was driving in a strange location in the north valley, listening to directions from her GPS on a dark street where she couldn’t see the posted speed-limit sign”. Well, that does seem unfair. If being lost and confused and you can’t see well doesn’t slow you down so you don’t, I don’t know, run over a bicyclist, God forbid we get you to slow down with a camera. She adds, if she had a chance to speak with a police officer, she might have explained away the ticket. Well, Becky, as a life long blonde I’m gonna go out on a limb and state that I have a much better chance of talking my way out of a ticket than you do. Still doesn’t make it right. Or safe. The law is the law is the law. Slow the heck down if you don’t want a ticket.

So much to unpack today. I’ll leave you with this chilling Minority Report quote from our favorite, Sen Kavanagh, “I believe a riot should be stopped before it starts.” I was not aware of his omniscient powers- how can he tell which peaceful assembly will result in a riot versus another? Wow, these Republicans sure have special powers. Too bad they can’t use them to discern the effing speed limit.

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  1. Brilliant take on our ever ditzy and confused elected official getting a Citation (ticket). Yes, this public servent probably could have talked her way around this inconvenience by threatening a police officer with his job, or demonstrating her ‘Position’ as leader of our government body.
    No matter, break the law, get nailed, then change this intrusion.
    The utter disdain of Arizona Rednecks.

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