In pursuit of understanding the true cost of Scottsdale infrastructure needs | Scottsdale Independent

Infrastructure maintenance needs don’t happen overnight. Lane, Milhaven, Korte, Klapp, Smith, and their predecessors have shorted the capital improvement fund for more than a decade, while simultaneously giving away taxpayer money to their friends like Halloween candy: $20 mil to the PGA, $2 mil to Phil Mickelson, millions to the NFL, $4 mil EVERY YEAR to the Scottsdale Cultural Council… and that’s not even counting all the no-bid contracts.

Why are they suddenly shocked that we have roads that need paving, and water mains that are leaking?

Hint: They aren’t. It’s all an act, designed to sucker you into raising your own property taxes so they can borrow more money (we are already at over a billion dollars in debt, highest per-capita in the entire metro area).

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