Cul-de-sac living comes to the city | AZ Big Media

[The objective is] to create a replica of the cul-de-sac sized living experience that [the developer] and his family currently enjoy, but in a vertical, urban, mixed-use setting with a “resort” feel.

The article goes on to quote:

“These units definitely take the concept of indoor-outdoor Arizona living to the next level,” says Bob Nathan of Engels-Voelkers, the brokerage firm handling the project’s sales.

Vertical cul-de-sac, urban resort, next-level indoor-outdoor desert dwelling…mixed metaphors and bad puns, all to rationalize another high-density housing project in Downtown Scottsdale.

Source: Cul-de-sac living comes to the city | AZ Big Media

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  1. High density so the next step will be ” we need mass transit” which will be code words for light rail. Just look at the cities with rails, subways, Ls whatever you want to call them. Crime in and around the areas of stops. Bloomington, Mn put in the light rail for the mall of america, had to increase their police department over 50%. Fixed costs for the city whether or not the shopping area generates any real revenue.

    1. “Next step?” Virginia Korte and her council cronies have been beating that drum for years now.

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