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Theranos reaches $4.65 million fraud settlement with Arizona

Arizona served as the main testing grounds for Theranos in 2013 when it began to roll out its unproven technology at Walgreens stores across metro Phoenix. The company opened 40 Theranos Wellness Centers in the Valley, and operated a laboratory at Arizona State University’s SkySong office complex in Scottsdale.

Theranos also courted legislators, and Gov. Doug Ducey successfully lobbied for a bill that allowed consumers to order any test without a doctor’s orders. Ducey joined Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes for a bill-signing ceremony at Theranos’ lab in Scottsdale.

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  1. Wasn’t State Senator Steve Farley one of the few legislators to express concern and voted against the bill that enabled Theranos to set up shop in AZ.

  2. Think Elizabeth Holmes/Theranos did a quid pro quo in offering a substantial…..Offering to Ducey and/or his campaign(s)? Or, was Ducey, not known for his science background, smitten with this technology? Most would choose the former.

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