Harris County demands repayment for Houston Super Bowl costs, told “sorry, too late” | Field of Schemes

The “Super Bowl Host Committee” is a traveling band of con artists–I mean, “non-profit organization”–which colludes with local officials to pad their bottom line with taxpayer subsidies and dole out a few measly bucks to local charities. Thus they earn support from local communities for “their” (NFL) generosity; a perfect merger of political entrepreneurism and philanthropic entrepreneurism.

How many times has the Super Bowl been played in Scottsdale? None.

But that didn’t stop Mayor Lane, and council members Suzanne Klapp (soon to be mayoral candidate), Linda Milhaven (Wells Fargo VP by day), and Virginia Korte (of car sales fame) from giving away over a million of your tax dollars to the SB Host Committee the last time that carnival was nearby.

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