Barf District Bullets

As in, literally, “bullets”…

Only Fox 10 appears to be reporting Saturday night’s shooting at Maya Day and Nightclub in Scottsdale’s downtown Barf District. So much for the “hyper-local journalism” claimed by the Scottsdale Incompetent, or the “community engagement” and “quality journalism” boasting of Mi-Ai Parrish when she took control of the Arizona Republic a couple of years ago.

Fox 10 tell us there are no suspects in custody, and there’s no word on the condition of the gunshot victim.

What I can tell you is that this is simply another violent incident in a long string, including assaults, sexual assaults, stabbings, and murders that have occurred in the Barf District. They have all been dismissed by Scottsdale mayor Jim “Shady” Lane as, “struggling with success.”

Maybe he means “campaign finance success” because many of the liquor industry magnates (including Maya owners, Les and Diane Corieri) within this area contributed heavily to Lane’s three campaigns. They’ve also spread the wealth around, including Linda Milhaven, Virginia Korte, and Suzanne Klapp among the beneficiaries.

Unfortunately, the folks who have to live around this area get nothing but noise, trash, and fearfulness out of the deal.

And the math has shown clearly that taxes collected from the Barf District don’t even cover the incremental cost of the additional public safety services required.

And the Corieris have been a big part of those problems all along.

The saddest part about this situation is that it isn’t news. That is to say, not only are our local “journalists” not reporting it, but it’s been going on for so long that it’s nothing new.

One of my posts outlined all these issues almost a year ago to the day:

Schweiker Sellout

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  1. Build That Wall – around the Bar District.

    The Barf Zone is far more dangerous than the Mexican Border. Spend our money where it counts.

  2. You should do some journalism and fact checking before posting Ann article. Les and Diane Corieri are not the owners of Maya, it’s run by a completely different company.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Dominique.

      First, I never claimed to be a journalist, but I do have an appreciation for being as factual as I can practically be. To that end and with your prompting, I took a moment to update my previous research.

      However, in doing so, I ran into a rat’s nest; layers of ownership, limited liability corporations, out-of-state corporations (the use of which tends to obfuscate ownership), and dozens (if not hundreds) of recorded documents.

      I don’t have time to dig through everything, but it didn’t take long to develop an impression that the Corieris still have an ownership stake of some sort, even though–as you say–they may not “run” the club.

      So, I’ll let your comment serve as–shall we say–a clarification to my post.

      But I’ll stand on the broader thrust of the article: That the Corieris (along with Shawn Yari and others referenced in the linked article) have been profiteers in the Barf District AND that they have contributed heavily to the political campaigns of Scottsdale mayor Jim Lane and the other named city council members.

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