Quote of the Day: Ethical standards matter

“We expect our children to learn that ethical standards matter.”

Rose Finocchiaro Smith, long-time Scottsdale Unified School District employee and parent, speaking on the ethics crisis in SUSD administration; via KTVK interview.

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  1. Our community deserves highly qualified leaders who also operate with the highest integrity. Voters and constituents have every right to expect both.

  2. If our Board members had 1/10th the integrity and ethics of Rose, Birdwell’s Cartel would have been gone last summer. I had expected so much from our new Board and had so much hope for the future of SUSD it hurt to realize that the people I’d helped bring in to SUSD were really just a band of carpetbaggers. How does Pam Kirby conceivably remain a Denise Birdwell supporter?

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