Scottsdale proposes 35 year/$35 mil lease of Papago complex from Phoenix, to keep Giants in the Valley (no cost to Phoenix) – Story | KSAZ

One of the most ridiculous proposals I’ve heard from a city full of ridiculousness.

The proposed plan involves the City of Scottsdale leasing the complex for 35 years and spending $35 million along with the Giants to upgrade the facility, adding a parking lot and also improving hiking trails in the area.”The Giants will have use of it year-round for training and minor leaguers, but there will be some availability for the City of Phoenix for tournaments and some things we do there,” said Gregg Bach with Phoenix Parks and Recreation.

Meanwhile, the City of Scottsdale will make Scottsdale Stadium and its baseball fields near the stadium available to the public, including users of the Papago fields. The goal is to keep the Giants in the Valley, without any cost to the City of Phoenix.

Source: Proposal to turn Papago Park baseball field into training facility approved for recommendation – Story | KSAZ

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