The Value of Education

It’s bizarre to me that we in the US and especially in AZ are so twisted up in knots over adequately funding our public schools and adequately paying our educators and school employees. Do the citizens and voters really not recognize the value of public education?

Sure, who cares if the other kid doesn’t have an education, so long as yours does. Really? Do we really want to live in a society with a bunch of morons? Some of whom will surely see a life of crime as a better alternative to a minimum wage job?

Well, I guess some would say we already do, but at least most of the morons around us HAVE an education, and have CHOSEN to remain ignorant… which is to say, “to ignore logic, facts, science, etc.”

In the sea of miserable rhetoric in which we are currently adrift, there are, however, some folks who are doing something about it.

Bryn and Andy DeFusco are attorneys in Scottsdale who are giving back. They are offering ten, $300 stipends (grants, essentially) to teachers in the Scottsdale Unified School District for classroom supplies for the upcoming year.

I asked Bryn why, and she said,

America’s public education system is the cornerstone of a productive society and vibrant economy – from which everyone benefits. Sadly, over the past few decades, public schools have come under attack. It seems forces are at work to undermine public schools and only educate certain segments of the population. I believe our public schools should educate EVERY child, regardless of their socioeconomic status, zip code, academic capacity or aptness for “good behavior.” When public schools are adequately supported and funded, they are institutions where children survive and thrive – academically, socially and emotionally.

Andy and I would not be where we are today without public schools.  We are grateful to have benefited from quality educations at public schools.  Every child in America should be afforded the same opportunities that we had.

Andy and Bryn are products of public schools, and their children attend SUSD schools.

Andy, all four of his siblings, and his niece and nephew graduated from Saguaro High.

Bryn has been active with the Sequoya Elementary APT since 2012. She also serves on the board of the Arizona Center for Law in the Public Interest, which–among other things–advocates for public school funding.

Both Andy and Bryn volunteer regularly at Sequoya Elementary – and will volunteer at Cocopah Middle School in the near future.

The classroom supply stipend application can be found on the bottom of the homepage of by clicking here.

The deadline for applying is Friday 27 July (shame on yours truly for taking so long to post this), so apply now!

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