Road/Trail/Path Hazards: Pima Path and Mountain View Road

I emailed the City of Scottsdale back in June of 2021 about this hazardous intersection.

A spur off the Pima Path bikeway crosses Mountain View Road at grade level just west of the 101 Freeway. While there are ADA ramps for the crossing, there are no crosswalk markings.

Approaching this intersection from the south, there is virtually no cross-traffic visibility at the stop bar, looking either right or left.

A cyclist or pedestrian has to be at the curb to see oncoming traffic.

Eastbound Mountain View traffic is obviously the most direct concern. As you can see from the shadows, an eastbound driver is also looking directly into the morning sun.

There’s not much to be done about visibility to the right/east, but removing or cutting back the vegetation to the left/west would make a big difference in that direction.

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