Ignorant Donkeys

The deluded donkeys of the LD23 Democrats have published a screed in support of the new-and-diluted Scottsdale General Plan 2035. I’ve reproduced it below for reference. I’d guess that it was mostly written by Solange “Kissinger” Whitehead.

It’s somewhat entertaining that this group, which is largely ignorant of local issues, is decrying “disinformation”; yet their email contains no real INformation, and even has some disinformation of their own.

State law does NOT require the General Plan to be, “updated.” The statutes require that the General Plan (the 2001 version of which is still very much in-force and remains part of the organic–which is to say, citizen-ratified–law of the city) be re-ratified, OR that a new version be ratified.

While I share some suspicion and puzzlement about the “Market Freedom Alliance” opposition campaign, there are plenty of other reasons to oppose the 2035 General Plan… which the LD23 Dems would know, if they’d been paying attention instead of braying.

Just say “NO” to the 2035 General Plan!

From: District 23 Democrats <district23dems@gmail.com>

Subject: LD23 Democrats Newsletter

Welcome to another week of crazy.

Disinformation is a huge and growing problem across the US. Battling it is not easy, particularly when it is awash in dark money.

So it is with the “no” campaign against the Scottsdale General Plan. This well-funded, dark money campaign is behind the signs that have popped up all over town and the flyers in your mail box. These may be the only bits of information voters use to make their decisions.

Voter turnout in jurisdictional elections elections like this one is typically low. This is an opportunity to make a huge difference – a huge impact just by voting.

The Scottsdale General Plan 2035 should not be controversial. As Mayor Ortega puts it in our voter guide, “It is the blueprint document, updated every ten years, which directs and guides city staff and city Council in their decisions.”

Scottsdale residents have rallied around our city before – to prevent building in the preserve, to stop the Southbridge II project in south Scottsdale and the project at 92nd & Shea which appears to be off the table due to negative citizen feedback.

We need to get out the vote on this one. If you haven’t already mailed your ballot, here are some good reasons to vote “yes” on the Scottsdale General Plan 2035.

  1. Our politically diverse city council voted unanimously to approve this plan.
  2. Hundreds of residents, board & commission members and the council worked together to develop the final document. There were public hearings, more than a dozen town-hall meetings and 8 council work-study sessions.
  3. Scottsdale is required by state law to have an updated plan every ten years. The one we have now was written in 2001.
  4. This plan is also an expression of values – on climate change, heat mitigation and other goals to reduce our carbon footprint and achieve zero waste. Developers are required to provide public open space under this plan.

Want to know more? Here is an executive summary.

The plan itself is quite long – nearly 300 pages, but it includes a lot of interesting material and you will get a lot of insight about Scottsdale even if you just skip around in it. Also, it contains some great maps. So, if you’re game, you can find the entire plan here. FAQs are on that same page.

As Solange is fond of saying, “Don’t be fooled” by the negative campaign. Read her op-ed here.

Rather listen to a conversation about this plan? Watch Solange’s Interview here.

That “no” flyer you got in your mail box? The return address is listed as “Market Freedom Alliance.” While we don’t know who is funneling money into this 501(c) 4; we do know that Chad Willems is behind it and he has been a major fundraiser for Joe Arpaio and a former campaign manager for Russell Pearce. ‘Nuff said.


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  1. I posted this to the SI and Facebook. This is to counter the very donkey (Democrat) view of Ms. Cantor –

    I have to say, as a citizen in South Scottsdale, I have seen and read ZERO in the general plan that helps my community or Scottsdale in general.

    The boogie man’s fear of a dark money plot is feeding people’s hype and insecurity and not accomplishing what is needed for Scottsdale. We need a NEW group of citizens and educated representatives to look at what we have, where we are, and then a plan for the future.

    The general plan, as presented, is more wishes and does nothing to protect Scottsdale, and uses fluffy language, and not clear concise plans. I am voting NO. This available plan is a waste of paper. Read the mess and use your brain and not fear. VOTE NO!

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