Pima Path Hazard at McDonald Drive

This is another hazard to pedestrians and especially cyclists. I first brought this to the city’s attention several years ago.

Northbound on Pima Path where it transitions from 87th Terrace to the concrete leading to McDonald Drive, the transition ramp is considerably more narrow than might be inferred by the fog line/edge marking.

Northbound 87th Terrace approaching McDonald Drive.

The available space between the steel bollard and the right side of the ramp is less than half of what it appears to be, under most lighting conditions. Especially during the late fall, winter, and early spring, the noontime lighting (as seen here) and the contrasting shadows combine to make the abrupt curb very difficult to see until unavoidable, even at lower speeds. And being angled to direction of travel almost guarantees the rider who hits it will crash.

You can see the height of thee curb at the extended alignment of the fog line. The tire marks clearly indicate that the curb has been hit, probably on a fairly regular basis.

And these lighting conditions are probably better than early morning or late evening.

A similar hazard for southbound riders approaching McDonald is located on the other (north) side.

Not only are these transitions hazardous to cyclists, they can also trip pedestrians and runners, as well as impeding wheelchair users. Those with vision impairment are even more at-risk.

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